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Monique Malcolm At The Printer

Moment of truth, I created the Visionary Journal™ for myself just as much as I did for you. As a multi-passionate creative person, I was struggling to make progress towards my biggest goals and desires. I saw a better life for myself but I couldn’t seem to reach it. 

I use to work from an overflowing to-do list, had post-it reminders stuck to everything, and a pile of partially filled notebooks. All of those tools and I still wasn’t making any progress on my goals. I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere.

The final straw came when I pulled out my vision board from the previous year. I stared at it and realized how far off track I’d actually gone. I had gotten so distracted by all of the little issues that pop up in life that I failed to put any of my plans into action. 

That experience pushed me to create the planner that I so desperately needed. A planner with goal smashing built into its DNA that would help me keep my goals in focus and my vision close.

That planner became the Visionary Journal.

The Visionary Journal combines the elements of a goal setting guide, vision board, and day planner to help you turn your dreams into manageable steps. It seamlessly blends your goals, visualization, planning your day to day, and regular review to help you get from idea to done.

I believe that the life you envision for yourself isn't out of reach. I hope you'll join the Visionary Journal family and begin to create your vision to change your life.


Keep Chasing the Stars,

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